SEDIF, a story in evolution

Translation and Adaptation

A wide range of free lance professional translators from any language required by our clients constantly cooperates with us on all our products.

The text is like a piece of art, as in addition to the normal decoding of a written text in a foreign language​, it requires an excellent command of both languages​​.

Multilingual Dubbing

We have been starting to manage also multilingual projects, dubbing in a wide range of target languages, like English, French (Neutral and Parisian), Spanish, German and many others.

This is a growing request from our major international clients, opening a new, exciting perspective toward the current worldwide development of this market.

Editing and Mixing

Syncronization and mixing give life to emotions in this delicate step of our workflow, combining the recorded dialogues with video and sound.


To fully meet the requests of our clients, we have implemented our services offering also subtitling in all languages,for any kind of asset.

Video Editing and Graphics

Our team of talented in-house graphic designers manage inserts, 3D graphics, forced subtitles and any kind of specific request from our clients.

Quality Check

We believe that the quality check of incoming and outcoming materials is a fundamental step of our workflow. It allows carrying on our work in the best way, ensuring the delivery of assets respecting the highest creative and technical standards.

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