SSDS – Smart Subtitling and Dubbing System

We believe video content should be accessible to everyone, in their native language. Most of the world’s video content is still in English. Current technology renders the speech in video in a neutral, boring tone. At Translated, we build technology for humans: that’s why our voice-over audio is expressive, it has emotions.

Project cofinanced by European Commission
Project cofinanced by European Commission

Research project

Implementation of an industrial research project aimed at the creation of an automatic multilingual dubbing system for video, integrating the latest scientific progress in the field of artificial intelligence applied to language.


The industrial research project on automation and computerisation of the process of subtitling and dubbing audiovisual content has a dual purpose: it will allow, on the one hand, the increase in the production capacity of companies in the film supply chain that currently provide this type of service, and on the other hand, the aim is to make these post-production services accessible to companies who traditionally tend not to dub and/or subtitle their contents due to currently high costs. The project will address audiovisual content ranging from the subtitling and/or dubbing of documentaries with simul sync method, to the subtitling and/or dubbing of simple audiovisual content (news, youtube videos, audiovisual content generated by internet users, etc.).


Lazio Innova cofinanced the R&D costs up to € 133.587,90.