Deliver Me is a reality television series airing on OWN. The show is centered on three female doctors in Los Angeles, California who are partners in a high-risk OB/GYN practice. The show follows a selection of their patients’ trials and tribulations with pregnancy as well as the doctors’ own lives. The general theme is depicted in the opening montage: “Three mothers, Three friends, Three doctors — One practice.” Each doctor narrates the scenes for her own patient or situation.
Dr. Clifford (Cliff) Bochner, the only male doctor to appear regularly (first appeared in episode 1), is a specialist (perinatologist) whom the practice consults for the most difficult cases. Dr. John Jain, a reproductive endocrinologist and Dr. Hill’s ex-husband, appeared in a few episodes when Dr. Hill had eggs frozen for later implantation and for Dr. Bohn’s successful in-vitro fertilization (featured in Season 3).
The series premiered on Discovery Health Channel on March 4, 2008. Season 3 began on June 16, 2009 and concluded on October 27, 2009 with a total of ten episodes. Deliver Me was one of two original Discovery Health series (the other was Mystery Diagnosis) to be continued when the channel was replaced by OWN in January 2011. Season 4 debuted May 1, 2011.