SEDIF – Italian Film Editions Society, is the longest-tradition audio dubbing and post-production company.

Since 1974 it has worked in the theatrical and television market, curating the edition of important features, television series and documentaries.

Today SEDIF combines experience and innovation at an artistic and technological level and guarantees quality and timing in all the fields of the audio-visual market with a constant control during the all workflow (from the arrival to the final materials delivery), by cutting-edge technology.



Between history and avant-garde, in the heart of the eternal city, for almost 50 years we are constantly looking for culture to import in our translations, where our professionals are committed to protect all semantic and lexical aspects of the original dialogues, as well as required by the needs of our customers, especially those international..


Italian cinema has always been in the spotlight and we have grown with the awareness that often the success of a film can depend from our activity: dubbing is far beyond talking, it is an art aimed at transferring the thoughts of the author merging the adaptation of diction with acting.


As in the great love stories of the world of cinema, our partners are also fundamental in our business: this is why we always select the best professionals from Italy and abroad, in order to respect every more detailed aspect of the original message, which in the age of globalization it is not always easy to transmit unless preceded by a careful study of the film, as well as technical skills.


The moment of synchronization is the moment when images and sound come together, giving life to an emotion that scratches the heart of the spectator and it is precisely in this delicate phase that we put the maximum of our energies, in order to guarantee the same emotion that the author wants to convey, the essence of his thought in the hall.


Accustomed to the flow of film, we cannot neglect the passage of time: this is why, with the arrival of the digital age, we have expanded our team and our skills, adapting to the needs of the new cinema and joining to our work on the sound also an activity for the development of the image.


The voice remains the most powerful medium of all time, even in the digital age in which the instruments for using the audio-visual media increase day by day. Our courses aim to bring enthusiasts closer to the microphone, thanks to the notions and suggestions of professionals dedicated to teaching the magical art of which we have done our work.


Our strength

  • Professionalità

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  • Alta tecnologia

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  • Workflow completo

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  • Solidità

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  • Casting selezionati

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  • Tradizione

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  • Professionalism

    A team of specialists with excellent creative and technological skills.

  • High Tecnology

    Rooms with Atmos Theatrical 5.1/7.1 and Atmos TV 5.1/7.1 for a production capacity of 130 h per month.

  • Whole Workflow

    Complete operations all within the company – according to international standard – without external processing.

  • Solidity

    Active since 1974 with works of excellence in the past and in the present, in step with time on Italian and international technologies and film needs.

  • Selected casting

    A continuous research and choose of new professional dubbers, specific for any kind of project.

  • Heritage

    Respect for the old values of the company, which have made it a successful.

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